Coffee & Cream

GUIDE: Add Cakes

1. Go to Store > Products > Bulk Add Products > Bulk Add Products
2. Add SKU (Unique Product code)
3. Add Title - Same as SKU
4. Add Price
5. Select all the sizes you would like available for the cake you would like to add
6. Ignore stock
7. Select shape of cake.
8. Click 'Create Products'
This will create the cake products. 
9. Click on Edit
 - You will notice default prices have been added for each cake size.   You can amend these price here by clicking Edit next to each size.
10. Optional: If you have multiple images for the cake, then add it under 'Product Images'
11. Add the main image for the cake under 'Image'
12. Add Lead Time
13. Add Product category for the cake.  Can choose multiple categories so add all relevant categories.
14. Add Tag.  Important for seaches.
15. Click Save.
Once you get used to this process should only take between 1-2 minutes to per cake. 

Adding Cakes with Multiple Sizes